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General Information - FAQs

  1. What are the lead time for samples produced by Zeng Ben?

    The Zeng Ben lead time for sameples can range from 15 to 35 days. The lead time for sameples is dependant on materials and complexity of design.

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  2. What is Zeng Ben's minimum order piece?

    Zeng Ben minimum order size is 1000 pieces.

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  3. What are the associations Zeng Ben belong too?

    Zeng Ben belongs to the follwoing associations:

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  4. What is the difference between hot and cold forging?

    Update with the differece between Hot and Cold Forging

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  5. What are the Zeng Ben quality standards?

    The Zeng Ben Quality Standards are:

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    This is where you would type the answer to the questions... You can put pictures and paragraphs of text here.

    I have updated the questions based on new information...

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  7. A new questions

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  8. What about the lead time for ZengBen

    The lead time for T Yoke is about 45 days.

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