2500T Professional Hot Die Forging Press

Zeng Ben Company has imported a state-of-the-art 2500-ton hot die forging press from Russia, featuring enhanced production efficiency, which is particularly advantageous for large-scale manufacturing. This press can handle larger and more complex parts, significantly reducing the cost per unit through faster production cycles. The use of high-tonnage presses ensures that metal materials experience uniform force throughout the forging process, which improves the mechanical properties and durability of the finished products. During forging, the microstructure of the material becomes denser and more uniform, enhancing overall product quality. The 2500-ton press boasts a slide stroke of 350mm, a die height of 890mm, stroke adjustment of 10mm, and a capacity of 20-70 pieces per minute, demonstrating its efficiency and stability in high-speed production environments. We invite you to come and tour our factory to see this advanced machine in action, showcasing the combination of quality and efficiency.

The maximum pressure of this Equipment is 2500 tons!

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