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Zeng Ben Industrial (aka: Penn Sienn) was founded in 1970 by Mr. and Mrs. Zeng Ben Sienn in Taoyuan, Taiwan. It is privately and wholly owned and operated by it's founders. Zeng Ben, a modest size pioneer in forging u-yokes and t-yokes for the automotive and hi-fi industries expanded their factory to include induction ovens, CNC machines and zinc plating all in house.

Mr. Zeng Ben pursuing his vision and market needs moved his factory from Taiwan to an 80,000 sq. meter land mass in Panyu, Southern China in 1992 and completed the move in 1995.

(Panyu, Mr. Zeng Ben's hometown, is located 1 hour South of the Guangzhou International Airport or about 1.5 hour ferry ride from Hong Kong).

Zeng Ben, the largest, most vertically integrated forging/stamping factory in the world is an ISO-9000, REACH and RoHS compliant and certified factory.

Zeng Ben, a global level manufacturer and leader in forging and stamping, remain wholly and privately owned by it?s founders and is managed to a large extent by his daughter Zeng, Yu-Ching (Mandy).

Zeng Ben, an engineering oriented manufacturer of hot, cold forged or stamped parts, follow your drawings and work closely with your engineers to exacting tolerances. As all secondary operations; bead blasting, CNC machining, polishing, deburring, plating, etc., are conducted in-house we control all costs enabling you to keep predictable and planned margins.

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